I’m a scientist interested in tackling challenging technical and analytical problems wherever I can find them. I specialize in data analysis, experimental design & automation.

I currently work in Intel’s Logic Technology Development division where I corral data from a myriad of sources, sheer off all the important bits, spin it down into its most salient parts, then weave it into information people can use.1  Prior to this, I was a Yield Analysis Engineer with Intel Custom Foundry.

My graduate work was in experimental solid state physics, where I studied the interactions between magnets and materials with strong spin-orbit coupling in Professor Dan Ralph‘s Nanoscale Physics group at Cornell University.  My main project was on using topological insulators to generate spin torques, the first results of which were published in Nature.

This site contains my professional work and technical side projects.  I also have a personal web page, gotfork.net, which hosts my photography and not much else.



  1. I come up with the wool metaphors on my own time.